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FREE Introductory Webinar: MTHFR & Methylation

This informative webinar explores the foundational elements of

— What is MTHFR/?
— What is methylation?
— How to get tested?
— What body systems and disease processes do they affect?
— How can we begin to treat it?
— What role diet, lifestyle and environment plays on you health.
— What treatment options you have available

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Dear MTHFR Support Australia,

I watched the Fat Metabolism webinar on Wednesday 19/8/15. It was an excellent presentation by Carolyn Ledowsky. I found her explanations and diction very clear and the slides easy to read on my computer.

Carolyn’s knowledge and understanding of what is going on at the most basic of levels – genes/enzymes/metabolic pathways/epigenetics- and her ability to translate that into patient care in solving health problems is the most exciting and inspiring news I have heard in my 25 year search for better health. (In all that time I have only had superficial/guesswork explanations or dismissal from the myriad of doctors and others that gave me little or no confidence in them.)

For me, understanding the role that my genes/enzymes play in my health gives me great hope that I can do something to improve my situation and not just accept it as one doctor told me to do recently.

Thank you and Kind regards,
Sylvia Tetlow