How to get started/ tested

If you are wanting to test your MTHFR gene, you can:

1. Purchase the blood spot test from our site, and a test kit will be sent out to you via our Integrative and Functional testing company NutriPath. Visit here to read more and order your test: 

2. Contact your local doctor and ask them for a referral to get the MTHFR gene mutation tested. This is a simple blood test and you do not need to fast for this. This test is performed all around Australia and New Zealand and is done by Sonic Healthcare. Click on the link to find out the name of their pathology company in your state, and find your closest collection center:

3. Screen your genetic information through US company 23andMe (information below).

Once you have your result you can ring and make an appointment at the clinic by calling us on 1300 692 260


This is more thorough in depth genetic testing, which will screen you for thousands of genes, the MTHFR variants included.

23andme is a US company that will provide you with your genome. It is not essential that you do this and may not be necessary at all. It is important that you know, that these results may be checked by insurance companies and in the future you may be denied insurance on the basis of these results. 23andme has information on their site regarding this

To learn more about the process and order your test kit, visit 23andMe’s website:

While 23andMe can screen for your genetic information, they are unable to provide health-based interpretations into your genetic information. For this reason, it is then required you upload your raw genetic data into a Sterling’s App (discussed below) which will generate a report showing the results in a more easily understood colour coded format, ready for your practitioners to analyse.

MTHFR Support & Sterling’s App is where you go to get the 23andme raw data changed into a colour coded ‘variant report’.

Click here to be taken to ‘Sterlings App’ to upload your raw genetic data and generate your variant report.

Here is a video tutorial that walks you through how to do this: 

Please do not review your raw data yourself. We use your raw data to only check/analysis liver function, neurological function and methylation cycle snps. We do not look at your genetic susceptibility for various diseases. Click on this link to see the MTHFR Supports website :

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